The following Serie received an award from the "Arts, Sciences et Lettres" Paris Academy in 2018

Acrylic, on round wooden panels, sometimes scultped, one meter diameter

Orientation Table

Pinpoint all forms of life. Axes: The vital force in vertical and earth evolution in horizontal


Variation of the Orientation Table, from above


What transcends in each reign is only a different effect of a same force


The king element in each reign


From each reign another is born, gaining attributes, getting ever closer to the Source


The primal breath that has begotten life,
whence life forms are converging, toward the same Source, while acquiring attributes


Wise up from earth's nature, develop new organs, toward ever more light


Human being and the center of gravity of its conviction, outside itself, in his mind, and in his cells

Ground progression

From mineral to human, horizontal evolution, toward the Source, a well of verticality


Reigns succeed to each other and form the foundation of the next one.
The current one, human and power struggle, fading away to let the new one come:"power emulation"

Ascending architecture

The squeleton of the attributes of life's progression
The state of stone, the growth of plants, the mobility of animals, the intelligence of mankind, the consciousness of the next reign


from power struggle, to power emulation, then the synthesis

Sign of Evolution

Progression of life force, autonomization of life forms it animates

Transe in dance

Nothing disappears, nothing is created all transform, into light